Going Camping? Bring a Mattress

Now that summer is ending and shifting into Fall, millions of people will embark out of the comforts of their home and go camping. About 45 minutes down the road from us is this great spot in San Antonio. It looks over the Texas Hillcountry, and is a short hike from a beautiful riverbed where the kids are able to swim. This year will be our 5th anniversary visiting this lovely camping spot. Over the years we have learned a lot about what the necessities are. This blog post will give an overview of what these are.

Lake in San Antonio

A Good Mattress

The first year we went, we decided we were going to rough it and tough it Bear Grylls style, and sleep with sleeping bags on the ground. This was a huge mistake, and almost deterred us from every coming back. Not only did we not sleep worth a darn, but my back was hurting for almost 3 weeks after the trip. I cannot express enough, the importance of bringing a good mattress on your trip. We are friends with Kip, the owner of a couple of San Antonio Mattress stores, and he helped us find a mattress that would most mimic the firmness of our mattress at home. The next year we went, although we weren’t exactly, “living off the land” it was a much more enjoyable experience and cause all of our family to be in much better moods when morning came.


A Canopy

Since you will be outdoors 90% of the time, it is wise to bring a canopy that will give you and your family shade. There are many places you can find these, including your local sports store. Like having a great mattress, having a sturdy canopy will make your experience all the more enjoyable.

canopy example

Emergency materials

Finally, it is always important to have tools and equipment for the unexpected. This includes a flashlight, first aid kid, batteries, medical necessities, a hammer, and wench. Most likely something is going to come up on your trip that your weren’t expecting, but try and be prepared as possible, by bringing the tools that will help you when you find yourself in a bind.

P.S. Here is a website that will help you find a San Antonio campground: http://koa.com/campgrounds/san-antonio/

A Look at Pest and Termite Control in Texas

Austin and other Central Texas Areas

If you are looking for pest control, Accurate Termite and Pest Control can protect in Austin as well as Pflugerville, Hutto and Leander.  Warehouses are often areas that have many valuable assets whether it is a holding for distribution or a permanent resting place for unused materials. When Termites infiltrate a warehouse it is only a matter of time before they are able to chew through boxes and permanently ruin everything that is in them. For more information on electronic pest control check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_pest_control.

Rodent Control

A communication study is another research method that may be used in this situation. In this type of pest research an individual will personally interview the people who have had direct interaction with the termites and fire ants. Questions will be asked such as what was your level of satisfaction with the employee who helped you and did they make you feel comfortable and seem generally happy to be working at this establishment? The responses will be collected and examined. This way is a little more difficult because of the fact that you do not want to bother customers but it is also the most efficient method to receive proper feedback on how the pest control was working. Mice and rat infestations are very common and can be a nightmare if not dealt with properly.

Pest Control - Possum

Fire Ant  and Termite Control

These rodents typically run in packs and can number anywhere from five to five hundred in a single home. They also love to gather in damp places which allows for them to successfully have multiple litters. The Central Texas area is full of mice, roaches, rats, bees and other critters that need to be neutralized. If you have scheduled appointments for Accurate to come to your home you will not even realize they are there. A few quick sprays and the team is gone. Business owners need to schedule pest control to fumigate at least once a month. This is so you do not have to worry about infestation. Again, the link to Accurate’s site is: http://www.accuratetermite.com